Hi, I'm Jenna - Nice to meet you!

I’m a permission-giving fixer here to give you the action steps you need to make your business feel right for you.

I've been a wedding photographer for over 16 years, and now I help women small business owners find their inner confidence and build a business on their terms. 

Find your confidence and live a more balanced life.

I believe creative small business owners have the permission to serve our clients based on our own terms and values, and we are allowed to set any kind of boundaries we feel like with out fear of repercussions or failure. ⁠

As a coach, I deeply want to help you achieve a life of joy, peace, and freedom in a way that feels fun, fierce, and freeing, and most importantly, is confidently built on your terms.


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Need personalized support?


For when Googling only gets you so far.

Sometimes you need an actual person who's listening to your specific needs to help offer guidance tailored just for you.⁠

Learn more about options for individualized support through 1:1 coaching. 

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