Write captions  with ease. 

Over 115+ caption prompts to spark your creativity and get you connected with your audience. 

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it's that caption writing sucks. 

Lemme guess, as a photographer, you spend a lot of time promoting your work on social media.


But  how much time do you waste with blank mind syndrome?


And do your posts even have a plan?


Are you getting the most out of your captions with goal-oriented writing? Or are you wasting hours trying to come up with a single post, only to type something like: 

"I love this session because..."


STOP! Boring caption alert!



Stop letting social media drag you down.


>> Free up hours of time instead of constantly overthinking your captions.


>> Write goal-oriented captions that will grow your business intentionally


>> Feel liberated from social media posting, get back to living your life.

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Done for you caption starters - just fill in the blank.


Instantly have over 115+intentional prompts for photographers to make caption writing a breeze. 

Prompts with Purpose

✓ Goal-oriented caption prompts
✓ Hours of time saved
✓ Your words, your voice
✓ Endless ways to grow

Get the 115+ Prompts with Purpose

"Okay, these prompts are a godsend! These prompts take the overthinking out of my Instagram captions!


Thank you, Jenna, for making my life so much easier!"


--Dani Hichack
Adventure Elopement Photographer

"Jenna’s prompts make it so easy to connect and serve my audience.


I know my followers love the prompts too because my engagement has increased since using them!"


--Elizabeth Nord
Wedding Photographer

"Having these prompts have been a GAME CHANGER in helping my to-do list instead of staring at a blank screen for hours and feeling stuck. 


I can not express how helpful Jenna's captions have been!!!"


--Jessica McIntosh
Branding Photographer

Prompts with Purpose is for you if:


✓ You're a photographer who promotes your work on social media.

✓ You need more direction with your posts and don't know where to start.

✓ You want captions to stay true to your voice and not sound like someone else wrote them.

✓ You don't even post at all because you feel like you have nothing to say.


Ultimately you’re wasting precious time and energy with little result. 


 Prompts with Purpose means never starting a caption from scratch again. 


Authentically connect with captions that are YOUR voice and YOUR brand.

Get Prompts with Purpose Now


✓ Hours of time saved

✓ No more getting stuck on where to start

✓ Your posts actually having a goal


- How it works -

Step 1: Choose your goal

Captions are broken down into 5 different goal categories. Decide which one is your goal for this caption, then go to that category.


Step 2: Pick a prompt

Seriously- just grab any prompt from the goal category you selected- they’re all ready and waiting just for you.


Step 3: Finish the sentence

Most of the writing prompts are sentence starters. Stay true to your voice by writing like you speak to your BFF.


Step 4: Post!

That’s it! Within minutes, you have a goal-oriented caption written instead of forever staring at a blank white caption box.

By the way, have we met?

Hi, I'm Jenna!


As a full time photographer, wife and mom, my balance is crucial- I know exactly what it takes to run a profitable 6 figure business and maintain my sanity- and it means I can’t spend all day on social media. 


That's why I created these prompts-- to make caption writing a breeze, so we can get back to actually doing what we love.

Jenna’s caption prompt PDF is amazing! As a social media manager, I love that there are different categories for the prompts! The ideas in the guide are just the right inspiration for anyone feeling stuck or needing a little help writing their captions.


-Kristen Sturdivant, Sunshine Curators

Prompts with Purpose

115+ finish-the-sentence caption starters written to help photographers write captions with ease. 

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