Communicate your terms confidently. 

Get the 5-step step formula for crafting smart, professional responses to clients.

If you've ever wondered what to say to a client, this one is for you.

"Can you just photoshop that?"

"We just want one photo..."

"Hey, just checking to see if our pictures are ready!"


Ugh. Those emails are the WORST, amirite?
And you know the answer is "no" …. buuuuuut….


Most of the time it's downright terrifying to say no to our clients.


Suddenly, an icky feeling hits your stomach.


So what do you say? 


How do you find the right words that are professional but firm?


Your first thought might be to just give in to whatever the client wants, but that puts your business (and sanity) at risk!  


If you've ever wondered "what should I say" when a client asks a question, this is for you. 


It's time to start communicating confidently. 



Stop letting your clients jerk you around.


>> Learn how to stand firm to your terms.


>> Know exactly what to say in a professional way without constant overthinking.


>> Build a successful business that let's you get back to living your life.

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Absolutely amazing!

"While I was doubting myself as I was working on a proposal for a new client, Jenna’s course gave me the confidence (and the tools!!) to communicate with my client in a professional, kind but firm style, giving me the freedom to send the proposal on my terms! Jenna’s teaching is clear and so valuable. I recommend it to anyone!"

--Darien Chandler
Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Done-for-you response formula. Just fill in the blanks.


Instantly have my five-part formula + video tutorials that makes responding to clients a walk in the park. 


The Confident Communicator

✓ Easy to watch video tutorials
✓ Printable formula worksheet
✓ Copy/paste phrases
✓ No more over thinking
✓ Your words, your voice
✓ Clients respecting your terms

Get the mini course

"This course is a game changer."


This series helps set you up for success so you can conduct your business in the best way. Thankful for the topics covered, especially when working with family and friends."


--Rachel Baldwin
Professional Photographer

"The videos were AMAZING!"


I'm a total people pleaser, and I totally learned how to set up boundaries for my business and say no politely without feeling bad.


--Lyndsey Sayles
Professional Photographer

"Jenna’s course was relatable, concise, and offered tools to respond professionally, but firm to clients.


If you find yourself struggling with boundaries, bookings and pricing, I highly suggest you invest in this course.“ 


--Ashlee Vallett
Professional Photographer

The Confident Communicator is for you if:


✓ You're a small business owner working directly with clients.

✓ You often have clients that don't respect your business boundaries. 

✓ You want to respond to client requests professionally and stay true to your voice.

✓ You're tired of over thinking every email you send.


Ultimately, you stop stressing over client responses so you can earn money doing what you live while still just living your life.


 The Confident Communicator means never starting an email response scratch again. 


Reuse the five-part formula over and over again to always know exactly what to say.

Get the Confident Communicator mini course now


✓ Hours of emailing time saved

✓ No more getting stuck on where to start

✓ No more icky feeling when saying "no" to a client

✓Build a successful business on your terms


- What's Included-

Videos + Downloads

Each video is to the point, packed with actionable info. The whole course can be watched in under 40 minutes. Printable downloads support what you've just learned.


The 4 Must-Have Guidelines for Communication

If you take nothing else from this mini course, learning these four guidelines would still overhaul your communication and make the price of the course worth it.


The Five Part Formula

You get the complete fill-in-the-blank formula, broken down into simple steps. Then, see it in action with a real example.  


The Variation Videos

No formula is truly one size fits all, but this one comes close. In these videos, you'll watch as I walk through six different variations, including dealing with family and firing a client.


Did I mention the Bonuses?

Not only do you get the formula + the variation videos, you also have a pre-written copy & paste responses to some of the most common annoying questions from clients PLUS a Phrase Bank at your disposal with over 75+ phrases for when your mind goes blank.

By the way, have we met?

Hi, I'm Jenna!


As a full time photographer, wife and mom, running a biz on my terms is crucial.

I know exactly what it takes to run a profitable 6 figure business and maintain my sanity- and it means I can't let overthinking responses to icky client questions constantly ruin my day.

That's why I created this formula-- to make responding to clients a walk in the park, so we can get back to actually doing what we love.


This mini course is gold! I love the way you broke down what could be a tricky reply into a super simple formula that centers the client while practicing healthy boundaries as business-owners!!


I SO WISH I had had this in my first years in business, and am so glad something like this exists for business owners in the world today. I thought this was superb!


--Ashley Trabue
Artist & Creative Coach

The Confident Communicator

A five-part formula for crafting smart responses on your terms.  

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