bright boss academy

Burned out photographer? Get excited about your business again. 

Gain freedom and create a sustainable income with personalized coaching to help you reset your business on your terms. 


Learn to set boundaries, raise prices, and create ease in your business. 

After all, what's the point of being your own boss if you're not supporting your family? 


Break free from the hustle culture while building a sustainable career.


Increase profits based on what your family needs from your business.


Experience peace, joy, and fun while still making money doing what you love.

You started your photo business for the freedom. BUT...

Now your business is running you.

  You're spinning in a million directions, jumping between editing and posting and emails (and trying to manage kids while you're at it).

  You feel like you're working constantly, never caught up, always putting out fires. The mom guilt for missing family time is getting heavy.

  You want to raise your prices, but are afraid you will lose clients. And you're not sure you're even charging the right amount to begin with.

  You decided to be a business owner for the freedom, but right now your business feels like anything but freeing.

It's time to face facts:

Your business isn't supporting you.

And you're afraid you might be at a breaking point. You're ready to have someone show you the way to profitable work-life balance. You know it's possible, you just don't know how to get there. 


"A HUGE well of knowledge.

Jenna focuses on empowering photographers to set the rules for their business, get clear on what success looks like for them, and show them how to achieve the success they want."

--Abby Fawbush Photo

"A life saving course if you're in the pits of burnout.

BBA Has equipped me with the tools and knowledge I need to solve every struggle that I was experiencing during my burnout season, and I'm already starting to see changes happening."

--Morgan Smythe Photography


"Like my business therapy sessions.

Throughout the entirety of BBA, I felt like Jenna was cheering me on and supporting me. It's already made big changes in the way I think about my business."

--Hannah Diane Photography


Bright Boss Academy

The coaching program for burned out photographers ready to support their family with their business.

Step-by-step roadmap

You don't have to just wing it anymore. Now you have the foundational framework of action steps for building your ideal business, from the inside out.

Feedback + Accountability

As you reset your business, you'll have regular monthly Zoom calls to get your burning questions answered in real time, so you know exactly what your next move is. 


Shame-free1:1 coaching

No matter what led you to this point, I'm not here to judge you. Instead, I'm offering a safe space to get you on the path that feels best for you.


Comprehensive workbook

Finally everything in one place, designed to help you get pencil to paper. With fill-in-the-blank worksheets for every lesson, you can make real change happen. 

It's time to start running your business on your terms.

Wanna know what's in store for you?

Take a peek at the entire course outline.

module 1

Clarify Your Success

In order to get the business that you want, you have to know what you actually want. That's why we clear it all up.... so you know you're on the right path.


includes 3 lessons
  • Know Your Numbers (23 mins)
  • Mindset & Self Awareness (10 mins)
  • Values Based Success (9 mins)
module 2

Build Boundaries

If you're struggling to be present for your family, we're going to change patterns so that you can set boundaries in a way that is empowering and professional. 



Includes 2 Lessons
  • Intentional Boundaries (19 mins)
  • Confident Communication (13 mins)
module 3

Strategize Your Time

When it comes to being there for our family, ain't nobody got time to waste time. In this unit, we'll talk about the best ways to be strategic with your time, no matter how limited.


Includes 3 Lessons
  • Time on Your Terms (15 mins)
  • Working ON vs IN (11mins)
  • Batching & Flow State (12 mins)
module 4

Simplify Systems

Let's alleviate that mental labor that comes with being a multi-titled woman. Streamline your operations until you're running like a well oiled machine. 


Includes 2 Lessons
  • PEACEflow (17 mins)
  • Outsourcing (13mins)
module 5

Create Your Brand

Once your foundations for your business are aligned on the inside, it's time to build a brand so that you build momentum and keep booking the ideal clients.


Includes 2 Lessons
  • Knowing Your Ideal Clients (18 mins)
  • Creating Your Brand (13mins)
module 6

Connect with Clients

Connect with your clients in a way that is authentic and automated through a website that speaks directly to them and makes you irresistible to them! 


Includes 2 Lessons
  • Simplifying Your Website (18 mins)
  • SEO Crash Course (16mins)

Radical change is coming.

With one-on-one coaching, you'll finally have that work/life balance you've been craving.

  You're not too busy for your family because your calendar is filled with just the right amount of clients, who are paying the highest prices yet.

  You have confidence that you're charging the right amount, because for the first time ever, you actually have a strategy for your profit and income.

  You can actually be present in your life because your business is running like a well-oiled machine.

  You actually feel like you have the space to be creative for yourself and your clients, and you can feel growth happening. 

  Your clients just get it now, because you've connected your business to them on a whole new, deeper level.

Jenna taught me that I can do less. My passion for photography has returned and my clients are happier too.

I also learned how to raise my prices and gain so much more personal freedom. Turns out, weekends off are freaking amazing!"

-Erin Fox Photo

The spreadsheet you provided in the 'Know Your Numbers' lesson alone would be worth purchasing the program!"

-Alyssa Joy Photography

Ready to create a business on your terms? Choose your format:



6 monthly payments

  • Monthly 1:1 coaching call with Jenna for 6 months (30 minutes each)
  • One 90 minute bonus strategy call with Jenna, cash in any time


  • Full course access with 14 video lessons
  • Printed workbook, mailed to you
  • Instant access



one time payment

  • 14 Video Lessons
  • 4 Bonus Lessons
  • 50+ Pages of Worksheet Downloads
  • Go at your own pace
  • Instant access

included with this program

Create your personal knowledge archive with the BBA Printable Workbook.



For a truly grounded learning experience, every single lesson has a corresponding worksheet to help you stay organized and take action with what you're learning.

"I spend forever learning about branding, workflows, SEO, etc., but this course has it all in ONE place."




Designed to be both inspiring and easy to fill out, the workbook gives you the opportunity to reinforce your knowledge in an impactful way for your business.

"I thought I had a lot figured out, but I found that putting it all on paper really helped me solidify everything."




While every lesson has a printable worksheet, there is also an interactive financial spreadsheet included to help you gain clarity on your numbers & profits.

"The financial spreadsheet will be a staple piece going forward in my business."



"The printable worksheets were AMAZING!"

"I've taking courses in the past, but I've never had anything like these print outs. I loved being able to just go back through the print outs when needed. I can't express how helpful that was."

This course was honestly one of the best things I could have done for my business."

--Hannah Diane Photography


Meet your coach

Hi, I'm Jenna


For 18 years, I’ve been paying my bills from running a multi-faceted photography business.

I’m also a whole person outside of my business: A wife, mom of two, sushi eating, movie watching, spy wannabe. Simply put- I’m busy AF, and balance is non-negotiable.

That’s why I built a business on my terms.

So that I could have actually enjoy that freedom and flexibility being my own boss provides, instead of feeling overwhelming pressure on my shoulders.

I’m here to help you do the same.

Through 1:1 coaching, you can feel empowered.

It's time for you to claim your roll as BOSS, to make your business be whatever you want it to be and find that freedom you’ve been missing for so long.

What you can expect from my coaching calls:

  • Judgement-free safe space

  • Open minded & solution oriented

  • Encouraging, calming, and caring

  • Straightforward & actionable

Ready to run your business on your terms?

Here's your next step:


Sign Up

Click the enrollment button. In minutes, you'll get an email will your login details for instant access to the entire course framework so you can dive before our first call together.


Get Scheduled

Once you're logged in, I'll be reaching out to you personally say hi and share my calendar, where you can schedule your coaching calls at your convenience. 


Support Your Family

Finally feel what it's like to be able to run your business like the boss you are. No longer will your business have you in a place of burnout.  


course praise

"GENIUS... Truly AMAZING and so full of helpful tools!!!"

"I have taken a few courses by educators and many of them have been fluff -- not really all that helpful. But BBA is practical and relatable. I feel like I can actually implement lessons right away. I found BBA to be be actionable and clear on what do do next."

-Alyssa Joy Photography


This is for you if:

  You are a photographer with an established client based, feeling overwhelmed running a business.

  You want to support your family with your time and income, but seem to be falling short.

  You're ready to deep dive into your business, realigning it from the inside out. 

  You want guidance from an experienced coach, and you need the accountability of 1:1 attention.


This is not for you if:

  You're coming into this with a closed mind.

 You don't have an established business or client base.

  You're not willing to make changes to get yourself out of the rut you're in.

  You don't see yourself ever putting in the work

"100% amazing! Simple and yet so informative. This program is everything you need to find peace in your business and life."

-Shannon, Lifestyles by LeBlanc

A business that supports you doesn't have to feel impossible. 

In the photography industry, there has never been a good model for what a well balanced, profitable, sustainable business looks like... until now.

Let me show you the exact steps to build a business that supports your family on your terms, instead of following the hustle culture that causes so many photographers to burn out. 


Frequently Asked Questions

People-pleasing & hustle culture will burn you out. 

It's time to get your life back from your photo biz.

 You're probably thinking, "BUT- If I raise my prices or don't hustle 24/7, I will lose it all!"

Let's stop this false narrative.

Get out there and live your life.

I'm raising my two boys, enjoying lazy weekends, date nights, and family adventures. Basically, I'm enjoying the life I've worked so hard to build. 

AND earn a living from your photo biz.

Over my 18+ years as a photographer, I've earned $1M+ in revenue and built a HUGE client base of loyal ideal clients, and I am NOT constantly hustling, chained to my editing chair or responding to clients 24/7. I'm proof that it's possible.

You can be balanced and profitable.

Bright Boss Academy will show you how. 

Ready to support your family on your terms? Choose your format:

option one


6 monthly payments


  • Monthly 1:1 coaching call with Jenna for 6 months (30 minutes each)
  • One 90 minute bonus strategy call with Jenna, cash in any time


  • Full course access with 14 video lessons
  • Printed workbook, mailed to you
  • Instant access

Option two


one time purchase


  • 14 Video Lessons
  • 50+ Pages of Worksheet Downloads
  • Go at your own pace
  • Instant access